Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ode to my brother Mike

O.k. I am just starting out blogging so here we go. I follow my sisters blogs counting my abundant blessings, and am trying to learn how to do this.
I also lost my brother to kidney cancer in July. It was a very challenging thing for our family to go through.
We tried to give my brother the best time that he had left,by showing him love and giving up many many hours of time with him. My family and I took turns being with him untill the lord took him home.He was a very blessed man that the Lord used in many ways. He touched so many people in the two years that he had left with us.He was a celebrate recovery affiliant and touch oh so many lives. I Miss him so much.
He lived with me for the last 4 months of his life, having to be fed and bathed yet never complained about being sick, always smiling. He often wondered why the Lord had delt him this hand but now I guess he knows.We learned so much from him. I learned to appriciate the little things in life and to be happy that I can get up every mornig and go to work. I would like to thank my sister Jacki and her husband Chuck for all the help as well as the help of my daughters and friends. if anything this tragedy brought our family back togher as our mother wished would happend.
o.k. enough about all that. give me some ideas about my page im lost.
untill tomorrow.....keep smiling

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